"We'll die if the government doesn't help"

In solidarity with our friends and long term suppliers over at iansnow.com, we wanted to support Daisy and the team with this incredibly important awareness campaign and appeal which sets out to help the daily-wage earners who have lost their incomes due to the covid-19 pandemic.  

Please read further and help support something that has already gathered an incredible amount of support.  Thankyou.

This is an URGENT appeal to raise money for rice and grains for daily-wage earners in India who's incomes have suddenly stopped due to the lock down. Right now there is no social security, no help available, these people live on a hand to mouth basis, daily, their incomes have suddenly and completely STOPPED and they are going to starve. If you would like to donate under £5 please use PayPal: daisy@iansnow.com


I am working directly with people from a street kitchen in Jaipur who are distributing food to those who need it urgently, right now they are funding it entirely themselves but they need money to help the amount of people that are in desperate need right now.

We are going to be donating as a business as well as raising money through the running of sales where percentages of the sales will be donated, but we need help, please!!!

I know it's impossible to help everyone, but to help as many people as we can in Jaipur would be amazing, some states have introduced some help but other states have not, and the help is not coming quick enough...

Everyone around the world is struggling and in difficult positions right now, but we are really blessed to be in a country with an NHS and a social system that will not let anyone starve to death, I want to help the self employed people of Jaipur who rely on a daily wage which is not currently possible to earn, so do not know how to feed their children because of the imposed lock down they no longer can earn ANY money.

Please make your donation by clicking HERE.

Thankyou for your love & support from all of us at Indian Arts & Daisy@iansnow.com.


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