Ceramic Coat Small Metal Hooks
Fair Trade Hand Painted Ceramic Coat Small Metal Hooks Assorted Colours These charming mini ceramic wall hooks are handmade in India on a Fair Trade Basis. They are hand-painted and fired using traditional techniques. They can be used in any...
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Hand Carved Soapstone Elephant
Hand carved using the traditional 'undercut' skill, this small elephant ornament has a mini handcarved elephant inside. Size: 4.5 x 3 x 4cm Soapstone Handmade In India
from £3.99
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Hand Woven Cotton Wall Hanging
A wonderfully unique and neutral-toned wall hanging, bound to look lovely in any home.  Made from 100% Cotton   Measurements: W:40cm H:80cm   Care Instructions: Hand wash only  
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Hand Painted Wooden Photo Frame
Frame measures 20cm x 25cm. Image size measures 14cm x 9cm
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Mango Wood Hand Carved Elephant Mirror
One of our original wooden ranges and still one of our best sellers! Elephants are revered throughout the India sub-continent for their wisdom, strength and incredible memory. This beautifully made mango wood mirror has been made in Northern India by...
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Set of 3 Metal and Ceramic Hooks 10 cm
These ceramic hooks have been hand-painted in subtle, very contemporary colours and then traditionally hand-fired to produce a wonderful authentic appeal.
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Turquoise and Gold Mosaic Photoframe
Subtle and yet captivating, the understated combination of deep turquoise and rich gold pieces of glass mosaic produces a lovely iridescent finish. Size: 18 x 23cm
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Embroidered Patchwork Stag Wall Plaque
This wonderfully unique and vibrant stag wall plaque is bound to make a beautiful addition to the home.   Measurements:  W:42cm D:17cm H:46cm
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Embroidered Patchwork Elephant Wall Plaque
This unique elephant wall plaque is a lovely way to brighten up any room.  Each one has been lovingly embroidered.    Available Sizes: Large: W:42cm D:17cm H:46cm
from £23.99
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Papyrus Meteorite Vase
The primitive, simplistic design is produced by scratching into the top layer to reveal a contrasting earthy base colour which belies the pure craftsmanship and timing involved in its making. Sourced on a Fair Trade basis.   Materials: Clay / Ceramic...
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Olney Clay Vase
This striking, hand-thrown vase features a diamond-pattern which has been expertly scratched onto its surface and then dipped in glaze to create a two-tone effect of grey versus glossy vermillion red.  The end result is a vase that oozes style and sophistication. An ideal addition...
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Green Diamond-Pleated Vase
A distinctively beautiful Vase with a very soft and smooth finish.  Origami in clay is the only way this vase can be described. The linear design is beautifully contemporary and perfectly structured, looks beautiful from all angles. Sourced on a...
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White Cloudy Sea Urchin Vase
Rustic, yet modern, this beautiful ceramic urchin vase has a paradoxically industrial undertone considering its origins, similar to bolted metal.   Hand thrown by skilled artisans using traditional techniques Sourced on a Fair Trade basis.   Size: 17x17x20cm  
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Ellingen Clay Vase
This lovely hand-thrown vase is decorated with a basket weave pattern, expertly scratched into the surface. The two-tone glaze of industrial grey and soft pastel blue is neatly applied around the rim and then contrarily dribbled down the side. The...
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Elemesre Clay Vase
This lovely hand-thrown vase is decorated with an irregular pattern, expertly scratched into the surface that is reminiscent of crazy paving. It is dribbled with glaze to create a two-tone effect of industrial grey versus pale turquoise.
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