What Makes Nag Champa Such A Popular Incense?

What Makes Satya Nag Champa Incense So Popular?


If you are relatively new to incense, you may not be able to identify Nag Champa's distinctive fragrance, however you may have unknowingly experienced it if you have ever happened to visit a meditation class, yoga studio or an exotic gift shop.  

To most connoisseurs, Nag Champa Incense is placed as a firm favourite -  and for good reason, it possesses a lush woody, yet floral aroma that evokes  senses of relaxation, positivity and calm. 

This is why it is also common amongst those who practice meditation and yoga.  However it has now attracted a large fanbase- from creatives, music lovers who just love to get in the zone, to those that require assisted focus and concentration.   For others, it's purely for the pleasing and relaxing aroma.


What is Satya Nag Champa Incense Comprised Of?

Satya ensure all their incense is authentically hand-rolled on to bamboo sticks using traditional techniques passed down through generations.

All ingredients are 100% natural. The base ingredient of Nag Champa is that of the Champaca Flower, which is cultivated in India as a sacred plant to the hindu god Vishnu. It is then mixed with essential mysore sandalwood oils and herbs to enhance its scent and aroma. Tree resin and gums are then added to provide an enjoyably slow and lingering burn.  

 Champaca Flower (Image courtesy of Josch13)


How Did It Gain Such Popularity?

Nag Champa has been traditionally used around the world for centuries in ancient rituals and ceremonies, to cleanse an area of negative energies and evoke auras of worship and focus.  However, it gained huge popularity in the western civilisation during the 60's when its aroma became a firm part of the concert experience.  Its earthy and peaceful aroma was the signature fragrance for a number of Bob Dylan festival performances.

A combination of premium quality and affordability led to Satya Nag Champa being number one goto brand amongst its fans worldwide.  


What Are The Benefits Of Burning Nag Champa?  

It is understood that Nag Champa provides a number of benefits including:


1.  Stress Reduction

The world today is a very fast-paced place where our brains can be exposed to information overload.  Our brains are not necessarily designed to absorb so much mental noise, which can lead to anxiety and feelings of unease.  Anxiety is on the rise with the increased exposure of information.  It's therefore worthwhile seeking natural means to calm the mind and spirit. 

Light incense and let the relaxing and peaceful aroma help soothe a busy mind and relax the busy chatter accrued throughout the day.  A study has gone on to suggest that aromatherapy measures can also offer certain  anti-depressive benefits.  


2. Air Purifying

The floral based ingredient of Nag Champa is understood to have certain antibacterial properties allowing for the disinfection of a diversity of pathogenic bacteria from the air within enclosed spaces, while simultaneously purifying and maintaining the same levels of purity for up to 24 hours.   One study goes on to reveal that burning incense for an hour reduced bacteria in the air by 94%   !

Simply light a stick to help remove those lingering smells like damp clothes, pets or cooking. 


3. Compliments Yoga or Meditation Practice 

A perfect addition to those who enjoy yoga and meditation, Nag Champa can be beneficial for calming the mind and bringing about shamatha (peaceful abiding), thus distilling the mind of noise and chatter.  

For those new to meditation, learning how to still the 'monkey mind' from jumping from thought to thought is the first step of the meditation process.  Burning incense beforehand will help radiate the room with peaceful energies and help tune the mind into both scent and breath. 


4. Enhanced Creativity & Focus

Given that its aroma has an uplifting and positive effect on the mind, it also goes some way to help temper those chattering thoughts, and help induce a flow state.  Ideal for those that embark upon study, creative pursuits, getting lost in a great book or simply for some self reflective time.


5. Sleep Aid 

The lingering aroma of Nag Champa will leave your bedroom with a peaceful atmosphere and help induce the mind into relaxed state thus offering a deep and restful sleep.  *never leave incense burning after going to bed.


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